The valleys and salines of Comacchio

The valleys and salines of Comacchio

Comacchio impresses the visitor with the view of its valleys, remnant  of a total area of about 11,000 hectares, progressively reduced as a result of land reclamation, to an area of salted water, dedicated to fishing, where sea and fresh water from the river get mixed.

Historically  formed after the extinguishment of the main branch of the river Po and the temporary rise in sea level.

Stretching over 600 hectares, located behind Lido degli Estensi, the salt production,the salt production keeps a plant built in the Napoleonic period and demonstrates the role played by Comacchio since Antiquity in the salt production. 

If you want to spend a different day, we suggest you to visit this area, located a few kilometers away from our Resort


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