Park Gallanti

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Po Delta Park

The territory around Ferrara, in the areas of the Po Delta Park, is ideal for visitors who want to enjoy nature, with its completely untouched and careful balance of land and water, that can be explored walking, cycling or horse riding starting directly from the Park Gallanti Holiday Village.

There is only a short distance separating our tourist village in Lido di Pomposa from this beautiful environment, thus you can reach and discover it with ease. The Po Delta Park in Emilia Romagna has unique ecological and territorial features that make it a unique place of its kind.

It covers a total area of over 52,000 hectares, among the most productive and rich areas in biodiversity. It is one of the most economically developed and urbanised Protected Areas in the country.



Excursions and experiences

PO DELTA TOURISM offers ideal solutions for your holiday at the seaside and in the Po Delta. Our tour operators have teamed up to promote the territory we are part of: the Po Delta, designated UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE and MAB RESERVE.