Park Gallanti

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Let yourself be guided into the unspoilt nature of the Po Delta, an idyllic landscape that is home to flamingos, herons, ducks and many other waterfowl species. Tourist and environmental guides will be happy to accompany you on one-day or half-day excursions by boat, by bike, on horseback or on foot, to the valleys of Comacchio, to the ancient salt pans, along the Po river and into the coastal woods. Culture lovers will be able to admire the dazzling, golden Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna, visit Comacchio and Venice to grasp their spirit and resemblances, explore Ferrara and discover the wonders of the Estensi, change country and visit San Marino.

Do not miss the kids’ paradise, Mirabilandia, and the Ravenna Zoo Safari, both reachable in less than an hour’s drive from the Park Gallanti Holiday Village. The most famous playground of Emilia Romagna and one of the most modern Zoo Safari await you for a fun day for the whole family.