FAQ Covid-19


Is it possible to access the beach freely? Are the beach stations sanitized? How often? Is it safe to swim in the sea? Is it compulsory to keep a social distancing?

It is possible to freely access the large private beach in front of the village: each unit has its own beach station, consisting of a beach umbrella and two sunbeds in an exclusive area of 12 m/q, which is cleaned and disinfected every morning as required by health protocol.

Bathing in the sea is safe: it is only required the distance from other families, as for all other activities on the beach (e.g. walks).

  Swimming Pool

Are the pools being opened? Is it possible to swim in the pool? Is access to the pools free? Is there a regulation? Is it compulsory to keep a social distancing? Are there swimming pool facilities (parasols and sun loungers)? Are they sanitized? How often? Is there a slide? Is it safe to use it?

The swimming pools are open and it is possible to access them simply by respecting the distances from other families. Access is allowed at the same time to a number of people that will be indicated by the facility.

The swimming pool areas (parasols and sun loungers) are cleaned and disinfected immediately after each use, in order to guarantee their cleanliness to all guests.

Both the slide for children and adults can be used, provided that the spacing is maintained in this case as well.


Is the facility being sanitized? How? How often? Are the products harmful?

The sanitization is a specific intervention to be carried out only in the presence of proven cases of COVID-19 and exclusively by a specialized external company.

Every day and several times a day our staff carries out cleaning and disinfection operations in all common areas with detergents and virucidal products that are harmless to human health.

How is it verified that guests are not affected by COVID-19?

On arrival the guest is informed that only those who are not COVID-19 positive, who are not in quarantine, who have not been in contact with positive subjects in the last 14 days and who do not currently have a fever (37.5°C) or other flu symptoms are allowed to enter the village.

Can one move freely within the facility? Should a social distancing be maintained? Is it necessary to use the mask? How can common health services and laundry facilities be used? Is there a regulation?

You can move freely within the village, respecting the notices on the use of the mask indoors and the other regulations on the spacing and the maximum number of access allowed in some areas. It is mandatory to use the mask outdoors, in all places of possible assembly, from 18.00 to 06.00.

This information is provided upon arrival at the facility and there are also information signs in front of the various common areas, containing the provisions on its use.

  Food and Beverage

Are the restaurant and beach bar open? Is it safe to eat in the restaurant? Is it necessary to reserve a table? Are there any table spacings? How are they sanitized between uses? Are there plexiglass barriers? Are the tables indoors or outdoors?

Is it possible to order for take-away? Is it possible to have the dishes delivered directly to the accommodation unit?

The restaurant and the beach bar are open, in compliance with the health protocol that provides for the separation from other households and the cleaning and disinfection of each table at the end of its use. It is therefore possible to use the table service in complete safety; there is no plexiglass barrier and you can eat both inside and outside at the tables provided. Reservation is welcome.

For all those who prefer to eat elsewhere, inside the village, the take-away service is available but the home delivery service is also implemented, a great innovation for the 2020 season.


Is there free access to the market? Are there any controls? Is it necessary to wear a mask and gloves? Is it possible to buy masks, gloves, alcohol and disinfectant?

You can access the market within the maximum number of accesses allowed at the same time and at a safe distance from other households. Gloves and masks are required for access.

It will be possible to buy masks, gloves, alcohol and disinfectant at the market itself but, given the great demand, we can not guarantee their availability for all guests of the village; it is advisable to go to the structure already in possession of these protective devices.


How is the presence of children in the village managed? Are activities planned for them? If so, how are groupings avoided? How are the structures sanitized? Is there a regulation?

The entertainment and animation activities for children take place in the new structure (Kids Club) much larger than the previous one and in the new indoor playroom.

Access is allowed under the supervision of the head of the Kids Club, respecting the maximum number of accesses allowed at the same time and maintaining the necessary distances. Each station is cleaned and disinfected before being used by another child.

  Territory and Security

Is it safe to go to Comacchio? Is it safe to go out on a bike?

Yes, Comacchio is a safe territory: you must, however, keep your distance from other people you meet on the road and use your protective equipment properly.

Where is the nearest medical service to check the positivity of COVID-19? If there is a case of positivity among guests or staff during my holiday, will I be notified even if I am already back home? What should I do?

The Delta Hospital in Lagosanto is currently a COVID-19 patient reception facility and is the closest medical service to verify the positivity to the virus.

In case of a positive client within the village, the management must immediately notify the Asl and quarantine the positive client and his family in their accommodation until his transfer. Afterwards the same accommodation unit will be sanitized by an external specialized company.
It will be the responsibility of the Asl to go back up and then notify all the people who have come into close contact with the positive guest and arrange for quarantine.

The other guests of the village will not have any repercussions in terms of personal limitations.

This document is updated to the provisions of the Emilia Romagna Region published on August 20th, 2020.